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Solving Computer Dilemmas

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cleanupcomputer1Computers are not failsafe, that’s for sure.  You can be going along fine with your current computer and then all of a sudden it seems that all you’re doing is cleaning up and trying to figure out what’s wrong with it and why it’s running so slowly.  It’s at this point that you might feel like throwing in the towel, throwing your computer in the garbage, and buying a new one.  However you might not have to do that!  There are a bunch of options for you if you’re having computer problems such as sluggish performance and more.

Thankfully there are so many people with the “slow computer” problem that an entire cottage industry has sprung up around helping the common user figure out what’s wrong and fix the issue.  There are quite a few software programs that have been designed to help people streamline the cleanup process on an old and sluggish PC.

Many of the common problems related to a slow computer are around clutter.  Program clutter (too many programs running at once, programs running in the background hogging resources, and more), file clutter, and viruses are the main culprits.  Sometimes even malware can be playing a part in how poorly your computer is running.

Let’s take a look at some of the software programs that are available to help you clean up a sluggish computer.

First of all there is the typical CCleaner.  This will help you to remove excess file clutter that tends to build up over time in an average computer.  I highly recommend downloading and running this free software as a first step.

Then I suggest scanning with an antivirus program (you already have one, right?) and an antimalware program.  These can identify if there are any bad software or viruses lurking on your computer and causing the issues.

If there is damage to your computer due to a virus, then there is a great program called Reimage repair that can help you to repair damage to Windows on the fly.  I actually used this myself after my video editing computer got a worm and would not run properly.  It fixed the problem well enough that I was able to go in and finish my project before reinstalling Windows.  I’d recommend it to people whose computers are crashing, freezing, and otherwise not performing right due to a virus.

Another great way to improve performance on a computer that is a little bit older is to install more RAM.  RAM stands for random access memory and it’s the direct measure of how much you can do on your computer at once before it slows down.  It’s easy to buy and install yourself.  Some newer tablets, however, such as the Surface Pro line, cannot have their RAM upgraded or replaced.  They are sealed.

You can go to or just do a quick internet search to see what kind of RAM your computer can take and what you can upgrade it with.

Online Cloud Backup Benefits

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cloudbackup3In this day and age, it is common to have a collection of data on a myriad of devices and on the internet. These are the files that we generate in our daily activities such as spreadsheets, word documents and even photos. These documents may be of huge importance to your family or career. For this reason, it is considered wise if you have an option in case a device is destroyed or goes missing. This is where online cloud backups become useful and handy.

As cloud computing matures, it has been realized that you can now store information for longer periods of time with minimal loss in information integrity. The cloud also has automatic redundancy which ensures that every file you upload to it is stored in diverse data centres in case of a failure or disaster. This shared storage of data in different data centers across the globe ensures that your data is kept alive even in case one of the servers fails. It has also been realised the the devices we use on a daily basis to collect and process information do not have adequate storage space. This is where the cloud comes in handy. Capable of infinite storage, you can dump files of any size to your online cloud backup. Once the file or files have been uploaded, you can then access them wherever you are on the planet.

Another advantage of cloud backups is that most cloud storage providers give you a web interface via which you can be able to view, modify and add your data. This is done simply by accessing the storage portal on your browser and supplying the correct login credentials. A web interface also means that you can upload a file such as a photo once and then use the URL link to share that photo with your friends and family via c at, email or even social media. This added flexibility is what makes the cloud a lucrative destination when you are looking for a trustworthy backup solution. You will have access to the data longer than you maintain your devices and new files can always be continuously added to your ever-growing collection.

Having a secondary location to store your data is very useful. First, it provides you with the peace of mind that all your data will be safe. Secondly, it gives you more sharing options, access from different devices and a longer lifespan for your data. If you are looking to backup your data to the cloud, you can try some of the most common providers. These providers usually provide a free tier that can be used to test out their services and ensure that you are comfortable with their services.
Shortly, cloud services are useful for backing up data no matter the size or storage period. Almost perfect uptime gives you unfettered access to all your data at all times and even in the case that your device is lost, a simple web login will give you access to the data you need in no time. This way, your data outlives your devices.

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Will we rely on robots in the future? It’s a very interesting question – one that we should really begin to think about as automation takes over the workplace.